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5 Ways to Know You’re Getting Enough Classic Car Insurance

How can you know that you’re getting the proper insurance for your classic car? Sure, you can do research online yourself but it’s a better idea to go through an independent agency such as The Budde Agency Inc. of the Amityville, NY area.

Don’t Use Regular Auto Insurance

One of the major mistakes you can make in terms of your classic car is putting it on your auto insurance. Instead, you want to secure specialized insurance by getting a classic car insurance policy. The reason is that it actually can backfire if you use regular automobile insurance since the insurance company only will pay out a lesser amount than the original value of your car if it’s damaged. Since classic cars tend to hold the same value or even increase (appreciate) value over time, this won’t work for you.

Basic Coverage Needs

Your basic classic car insurance should include standard liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage. Whether you’re in an accident or there’s some other damage or loss to your vehicle, this will make it so that it will be a proper estimation of what the repairs and replacement is worth.

Eligibility Determination

In most instances, only antique or collectible vehicles from a certain time period fall under the category that would make them eligible for this type of coverage. You’ll need to talk to an agent at length to give details about your vehicle, explain any particular circumstances including if you’ll have it in shows or travel with it as opposed to keeping it in storage, and some other things.

Find Your Insurance Today

Qualified classic car insurance at The Budde Agency Inc. of the greater Amityville NY area will sit down to discuss how you can get an ideal package of policies. Contact us today to begin the process.

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