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Motorcycle Insurance in 2020.

Are you ready for the fresh air and openness that a motorcycle allows? If you are considering enjoying a bike tour around the state or if you use your bike as a daily driver, there are a few things you should know about motorcycle insurance in 2020. The Budde Agency Inc. serves the community of Amityville, NY and the surrounding areas with premium insurance for all you need and we want you to be safe as you travel through our beautiful and scenic state.

New York Motorcycle Insurance In 2020

In New York, the legal motorcycle insurance requirements are similar to car insurance requirements. You must have a minimum amount of coverage to drive any registered vehicle on public roads, and a motorcycle must be registered. The minimum for motorcycles in New York is just primary liability, and it is also required to wear a state-approved motorcycle helmet and protective eye gear at all times while the bike is in motion.

Because of the inherent risk that is attached to enjoying the road without the protection of an outer shell or rollbar, we strongly recommend that you carry more than basic liability. Even a “fender bender” that would be a simple inconvenience in a car can lead to serious bodily injury on a bike. We offer fair quotes on your insurance options and are happy to answer any questions you may have about various levels of insurance protection you need.

Contact us at The Budde Agency Inc. if you need to purchase or upgrade motorcycle insurance. We serve the people of Amityville, NY with all of their insurance needs in 2020. We know you are looking forward to enjoying this beautiful New York summer, and before you know it, the colors will change to fall, so call today and ride your bike safely all year.

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