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How Do Windstorm Deductibles Work?

Windstorm insurance is one of those policies that you might not have heard of until your home is damaged by wind. There are a few insights listed below that will help you understand how this type of insurance works, how the deductible works, and how you can make the most of the coverage you’ve chosen.

What is a Windstorm Deductible?

A windstorm deductible is a special deductible allowed by the state. The insurance carrier doesn’t charge a standard $1000, $2500, or $5000 (or whatever your homeowners deductible might be.) Instead, the windstorm deductible is (generally) a percentage of the rebuild value of the home.

For example, your carrier may set a windstorm deductible at 3%. If your home costs $500,000 to rebuild, you will have a $15,000 deductible subtracted from the final settlement payment.

Remember, too, that the carrier may charge an additional hurricane deductible for a “named storm”. This could also pull funds away from the rebuild. When you work with our team, we help you understand exactly how each policy works so that you understand the risks involved and how much money you will lose upfront.

What Does Windstorm Insurance Cover?

Generally, windstorm insurance covers:

  • Damage to the dwelling or additional dwellings on the property
  • Other structures on the property
  • Personal property damage or loss
  • Loss of rent for investment properties
  • Loss of use for businesses

Who Needs Windstorm Insurance?

In theory, everyone needs windstorm insurance. The simple fact is this: a windstorm can cause damage to your home at any time, even if you don’t live in a location that’s prone to windstorms. It only takes one massive storm to tear the roof off your house, break the windows, rip off the siding, and much more. Think of windstorm insurance as an insurance policy against a “worst case” scenario—which seems to be happening more often than not these days.

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