Whole vs Term Life Insurance: 3 Tips

When you’re looking for life insurance, you may not know what sort of policy to buy. Should you choose a whole life policy or a term life policy? Many consumers don’t even know what whole life coverage is. Even more might believe that term life is the only product on the market. Use these three […]

Winterize Your Seasonal Home

swimming pool covered with full of ice

When you own a seasonal home of any kind (camper, park model, cabin, lodge, or perhaps a beach house,) you need to make sure that the structure and property are winterized before extreme temperatures come calling. You’re not using or even monitoring the property for around half the year…so what can you do when you’re […]

Slow Leaks in Your Home Can Cause Severe Damage

stressed old lady talking on phone about the ceiling water leakage

Slow leaks in your home may surprise you. You might not even realize they’re there at first. However, there are several things around the house that could leak without your knowledge, costing you quite a lot of money and doing damage to the property. Using these tips, you can spot out these leaks, call on […]

Co-Op Education Tips—When to File a Claim

Co_oP Education Tips

Moving into a co-op is a great option for many people who want to reduce costs, enjoy the benefits of ownership, but cast aside some of the more cumbersome issues involved with owning a home. Even so, you still need quality homeowners insurance, but these policies should be specific to co-ops So, how do you […]

How Do Windstorm Deductibles Work?

Tree damaged & limb by windstorm

Windstorm insurance is one of those policies that you might not have heard of until your home is damaged by wind. There are a few insights listed below that will help you understand how this type of insurance works, how the deductible works, and how you can make the most of the coverage you’ve chosen. […]